LABA Performances

LABA fellows create new work in response to the texts they learn in the house of study. This work, some finished, some in-process, will be read, exhibited, and performed as part of the LABAlive and LABAzooms series. Events will take place at the JCC East Bay, virtually, and at other cultural institutions around the Bay Area. Each performance combines culture with text teachings, along with a nosh and some wine, and is open to the whole community. The first LABAlive event, DRUNK, was held in November 2019. Stay tuned for dates for our upcoming live events. We’ve got a lot in store for you, but do need to wait for when it’s safe for us to leave our homes.

What's Up Next?

Check back soon for upcoming LABA East Bay events.

In Your Words

“Dazzling is the word! [LABA East Bay artists] opened up the world tonight, and it was extraordinary to be there. In watching and listening, I learned things that I have no name for: art seems like the only possible response.”
Sarah Stone
2020 LABA East Bay fellow

JEWISH starts at the JCC

Your generosity sparks lifelong connections to Jewish community. Please make your year-end gift to the JCC East Bay by December 31.