Berkeley Afterschool & Club J

Program Overview

Our K-5 Berkeley Afterschool program is all about supporting and mentoring youth as they grow to become impactful, engaging citizens. Club J, our 4th and 5th grade division of Berkeley Afterschool, provides a tailored experience for our older elementary school children, offering youth the opportunity to shape their own curriculum and greater freedom to express themselves.

Berkeley Afterschool and Club J offer a safe, affirming environment that allows all students to be their authentic selves. Youth will develop lasting relationships with peers and adults, building bridges with our community and beyond. We believe in a balance of structure and freedom, providing students with the opportunities for free play and organized activities. We encourage youth to explore their interests and passions, develop their voice, and grow as individuals. Every Friday, we rejoice together at the end of the week and celebrate Shabbat.

Our staff is well trained in communication, conflict management, and lesson planning, and is here to support your child’s needs whether it be helping with homework, reading a story, painting, or playing an energetic game of soccer out in our yard.


  • The 2022-2023 year runs from August 15, 2022-June 2, 2023.
  • Berkeley Afterschool offers 3, 4, and 5 days/week options.
  • Drop-off begins at either 1:30pm or 2:30pm, depending on when your child’s school is dismissed.
  • Pick-up is at 6pm.

Monthly Fees:


3 days/week

4 days/week

5 days/week









The JCC East Bay recognizes that all families have different needs, and we are committed to helping families pay for our high quality aftercare program. Please complete this form.

Applications are reviewed on an individual basis, taking many factors into consideration, including but not limited to financial status. Applications are accepted until July 1, after which point they will be reviewed on a rolling schedule as funds are available.

Our program is currently full for 2022-2023. 

Applications for the 2023-2024 school year will open at the end of March.

What is this year’s calendar?
Please click here for the Berkeley Afterschool and Club J closure calendar.

Is there a handbook with more information? BAS Parent Handbook.

How do you handle poor air quality?
The JCC East Bay has a comprehensive Air Quality decision-making matrix that we employ when the AQI reaches unhealthy levels. Generally speaking, for AQI levels between 51 and 150 (Moderate and Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups), we will take more breaks and do less intense activities outdoors, and also decide to move activities indoors. We will utilize HEPA filters when indoors to filter out air particles from the outdoors. At Unhealthy levels (AQI 151-200), we will assess the current levels and hourly projections to determine program closures. If we decide to keep the building and programs open within this level, we will keep everyone indoors and utilize HEPA filters. At Very Unhealthy levels and beyond (201+), we will close our building and suspend all of our programs. As air quality changes rapidly and is hard to predict, we will take building and program closures on a day by day basis. We are in constant communication with local school districts and will also consult with them on AQI if/when appropriate.

What is your refund/credit policy?
We've all had to learn how to be flexible! The JCC East Bay coordinates our offerings to complement school districts, schedules, air quality, and more. We begin the year with a certain schedule and options and recognize that circumstances can change. As such, we strive to notify you as soon as possible about changes in programs and associated payments. There may be situations where the JCC East Bay is unable to provide planned services due to natural disasters or public health concerns. In these situations, refunds for charges already made will not be provided — however, future charges will be suspended until services can resume.

Will there be transportation to the JCC East Bay Berkeley branch?
The JCC East Bay works closely with BUSD to provide transportation from most schools. We offer a walking pick up from the BAM School. We cannot offer transportation, however, from other schools not serviced by BUSD transportation. Students will need to be picked up and dropped off at the JCC East Bay Berkeley branch at 1414 Walnut St.

Maria Jaime
Director of Berkeley Afterschool
510-848-0237, ext. 131

Roxann Reyes
Assistant Director of Berkeley Afterschool
510-848-0237, ext. 131

JEWISH starts at the JCC

Your generosity sparks lifelong connections to Jewish community. Please make your year-end gift to the JCC East Bay by December 31.