Kids’ Club Outdoor Camp FAQ


Our homebase will be at the Joaquin Miller Community Center (3593 Sanborn Dr). Each age group will have their own spaces in the center and their own outdoor classroom. We will utilize the entire park from the many trails, creek, Cascades, and Robin Perry field.


Camp will run March 29th through April 30th  and each month thereafter dependent on program extension.

We now have two drop off options:

Option 1: 1PM to 4:30 to 5PM pick up for $950.

Option 2: 2PM to 4:30 to 5PM pick up for $700.

Monthly installments will be charged on the 25th of each month prior.

For now, parents will not be permitted to enter the building. Drop off and pick up will be a drive thru.

Drop-Off Windows: 1 PM – 1: 20 PM & 2PM – 2:20PM
Pick-Up Window: 4:30 PM – 5 PM*

1-1:20 PM drop off will be in the overflow parking lot located down the street from the center. After showing a health screen questionnaire and checking student temperature, JCC staff will escort the children from the parking lot to the center. 2-2:20PM and late drop offs go directly to the community center after 1:20 pm for health screen process. Students will be escorted to their pods wherever they may be at that time. Arrange with us any late drop offs 

4:30-5pm pick up will be in the overflow parking lot. 

*Late fees will be incurred for any camper not picked up prior to 5 PM.

Health & Safety

The JCC will make every effort to maintain social distancing between campers and will be working with campers to learn and teach about personal space and boundaries. We will limit intermingling between the camp groups to emphasize social distancing and minimize the number of people your children are exposed to. Campers will be rotating trails and outdoor spaces in the park.

In compliance with CDC recommendations, all staff and children in the program will be required to wear a face covering; homemade mask, a bandanna, scarf, towel, neck gaiter or similar. The only exception is for drinking and eating

Campers will be assigned to a group that they will stay with each month of  camp. Groups will stay contained and will not intermingle with other groups. Groups will be assigned usage of trails and park areas on a rotating basis. All high contact areas will be disinfected during usage by staff. All outdoor equipment and toys will be disinfected after usage.

If there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 leadership staff will follow the guidance from the Health Department that includes protocols for closing, investigating, cleaning and reopening.

The JCC will implement health screening protocols before anyone can enter the building. All campers and staff will have to submit a health screening questionnaire and have their temperatures checked and will be observed for overt symptoms before entering the facility daily. If there is a suspected case or exposure of COVID-19 onsite, the JCC East Bay has a comprehensive isolation protocol. At that time, the JCC will determine the scope of a facility deep-clean and/or a temporary shut down of the facility to allow for a cooling off period.

JCC East Bay staff will perform ongoing manual disinfection of public areas and offices throughout the day. Daily cleaning of high contact surface areas will follow a strict cleaning schedule based on room usage. Janitorial staff will perform routine cleaning each night after staff and community members have left the building. In the event of a presumed positive COVID-19 case, a deep-clean will be performed.

Prior to staff returning to the JCC they will do a virtual training of all new policies and procedures. Prior to the first day of camp, all staff will have received extensive in-person  training on the new protocols and procedures that we are implementing.

It is recommended that your child stay at home.

We use the community center as our home base and go out into the park to do various activities. We try to be outdoors as much as possible. We do also host activities inside our socially distanced classrooms with windows and doors open to allow for ventilation.


Each group will have 14 campers, per the CDC guidelines of maintaining a 1:14 ratio. There will be one teacher per group. Each group will maintain the same classroom space, the same teacher, and bring their own materials to prevent cross-contamination.

Having friends at camp depends entirely on the registration — we will do our best to accommodate, but cannot guarantee anything.

Groups will be organized by grade. We have three pods: Sprouts (K-1), Saplings (1-2), and Acorns (3-5).


Campers will need to bring their own personal supplies to limit cross contact. Basic supplies include pencils, markers, glue stick, etc. As well as 2 water bottles, sunscreen, and a hat. Students must wear closed-toe shoes and pants for outdoor safety. (Waterproof shoes are highly recommended). Campers must also bring an insulated jacket, gloves, beenie, extra socks, panco for rain.

Yes, students will need to be sent with a packed snack to eat during the program.


Camp will be closed for holidays, high fire danger, active lightening  or unhealthy air quality. 

The community center is located in Joaquin Miller Park. The park closes during high fire danger for safety and we will not have access to the area.

Our AQI policy is to close at 180. As we are monitoring the air quality and it is continuing to rise we may make the decision to close earlier. At 100 AQI and above we will scale back our programming to include less intense activities.

Yes. Camp will happen rain or shine.  Each pod has a designated classroom space to use in the building for rainy days.  However,  we  will spend a portion of camp outdoors so students need to come to camp with a poncho and waterproof shoes.

Pricing and Schedule

At this time to ensure that we keep pods separate we are operating with a single weekly schedule. If you wish to keep your child home from the program make sure to inform us of an absence to avoid a no call no show fee.

Bananas and 4c’s of Alameda County help families subsidies child care needs.  For more information and to see if your family qualifies please visit bananasbunch.org or 4c-alameda.org

Kids Club Outdoor Camp is a separate program. You do not need to participate in order to keep your space for when we return back to our school sites.