Civic Engagement

What Civic Engagement Means to Us

The JCC East Bay serves a diverse community and people with various points of view. We provide space for civic discourse, offering opportunities to talk across differences, discover shared values, and establish respectful engagement.

We stand for equal rights and safety for people of all backgrounds and faiths—and we firmly believe this is our moral obligation. We welcome and support our diverse Jewish community, people of all religions, nationalities, and socioeconomic backgrounds, communities of color, people with disabilities, and the LGBTQ+ community.

We are committed to bringing you opportunities to learn about social issues, get involved, and make a difference—all while building and strengthening our local community. We hope that you find these programs and resources to be an effective and fun way to make a positive impact!

We invite you to keep an eye on our events calendar for upcoming events.

Resource Guides

Antisemitism Resources

JCC East Bay stands against antisemitism, discrimination, and hate of any kind in the Bay Area and beyond. Below are resources to discuss, learn, and get involved.

Anti-Defamation League


Pew Research

Black History Month Resources

Asian American and Pacific Islander Month Resources

Previous JCC East Bay Civic Engagement Events

Sarah Wolfman-Robichaud
Director of Community Engagement